Werra bridge with Liborius chapel

An ensemble of a special charm, and at the same time an impressive testimony of medieval architecture, is the seven-arch sandstone bridge which spans the Werra at the gates of Creuzburg. Already built in the 13th century by Ludwig V. – husband to the later Holy Elisabeth –, it was an important passage across the Werra on the trade road “via regia” for centuries. Only little later, a small wooden chapel - dedicated to the heavenly guard of the bridge and the health of the travellers - was built on the east side of the bridge. From 1499 on, a prestigious chapel was erected, finally dedicated to Holy Liborius. The walls show, considering the Thuringian region, a unique, marvellous picture programme. Depicted are stations of the Passion of Christ, scenes from the life of Holy Elisabeth, Jesus’ sudarium, the Last Judgement and the Massacre of the Innocents of Bethlehem.

In 1523, Albert von Kempten gave the first reformatory sermon here. The city fathers thereupon converted to the “new faith”, and Creuzburg became Protestant.

Opening hours:

Until 2013 the chapel will be closed to the public due to a comprehensive reconstruction. For the purposes of the 800th anniversary celebration of Creuzburg, it will be consecrated again on 22nd June 2013.


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