Trinitatiskirche (Trinitatis church)

In place of today’s St. Trinitatis-Kirche there was the church of that part of town which belonged to Ruhla. It was the object of the "Ruhlaer Kirchenstreites" (clerical dispute) and had to be knocked down after only 80 years of use. From 1682 to 1686, today’s Trinitatis church was built in Köhlergasse – the oldest street of the town. They say that originally, the valuable pulpit was commissioned by Herzog Ernst der Fromme around 1640 for his palace church in Gotha. As its flamboyancy did not correspond with the pietistic zeitgeist, his successor, Friedrich I., gave it to the subjects of Ruhla. The St. Trinitatis-Kirche is currently still in a phase of profound reconstruction and will afterwards be used as a concert and exhibition venue. The church is open every year on the "Day of the open monument".


99842 Ruhla
Telephone: 036929 - 82841
Ms Schmidt, chair of Trinitatisförderverein