Town hall

With the foundation of the Federation of Schmalkalden in 1530, the town hall of Schmalkalden gains centre stage of European History. Under the leadership of Elector Johann of Saxony and Landgrave Philipp of Hesse two Protestant estates united here against the Catholic Emperor Karl V. for the assertion of the Protestant faith and the mutual military securing. Seven federal conferences took place in Schmalkalden. Nowadays, three architecturally completely different buildings form the town hall complex: the southern building of 1905, the northern building with late Gothic building components and the central part – “the stone bower” of 1419. The town hall impressively embraces the old market of Schmalkalden, with its Gothic city church St. Georg, the bower of Todenwarth and the half-timbered houses in Frankish frame design.


Das historische Rathaus von Schmalkalden
Altmarkt 1
98574 Schmalkalden
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