Thomas-Müntzer-memorial St. Marien

Whatever stage of the cultural and city history of Mühlhausen you look at, St. Marien - second-largest hall church of Thuringia after the Erfurt cathedral - has always played a vital role: In the Middle Ages, the imperial verdicts were announced here, this was the preferred burial place of reputable personalities of the city, Thomas Müntzer used to preach here, diet of princes was held here, and this was the place where the Council Election Cantata of young Johann Sebastian Bach first sounded. As an architectural and historical monument, as the Müntzer memorial, as a venue of art and culture, and as a place of religious life, the Marienkirche is – even today - very closely linked with the fortune of the city and its citizens.

Opening hours:

Tuesdays to Sundays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., open throughout the year


St. Marien
Bei der Marienkirche
99974 Mühlhausen
Telephone: 03601 - 8566-0