Martin Luther’s roots and numerous important stages of life are in the area around the most famous of all German castles - the Wartburg. Wayfarers, pilgrims and travellers are invited to discover in the “Luther-Region“ an overabundant cultural and natural landscape, which extends – surrounded by the Nationalpark Hainich, the Thuringian Forest and the biosphere reserve Rhoen – from Mühlhausen over the Wartburg city Eisenach to Schmalkalden, Gotha and Bad Hersfeld.

Wherever you go, the “Luther-Region“ invites you to encounters with the life and work of the Reformer. And those who follow his tracks come upon further great minds of the German history: Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach; Holy Elisabeth lived in the Wartburg and the Creuzburg; Goethe, Liszt und Wagner were frequent guests in the region.