Fröbel Kindergarten

Schweina is located on the edge of the Thuringian Forest, surrounded by a picturesque valley through which the Werra flows. This marvellous view was already enjoyed by the Duke of Saxony Meiningen, who built the magnificent residence palace Altenstein, not far from Schweina. The most famous inhabitant of the town was the founder of the Kindergarten - Friedrich Fröbel. On the Fröbelwanderweg (Fröbel hiking path) you can learn interesting things about this great Germany educationalist who lived here in Schloss Marienthal and found his last resting-place on the Schweina cemetery.

Probably unique in Germany is the custom of burning torches on the Antoniusberg (mount Antonius) on 24th December. This date attracts many visitors to Schweina on Christmas Eve, every year.


Palace Marienthal

Built in the 16th century as a little hunting palace of the Dukes of Meiningen, the Schweina Palace Marienthal accommodated from 1850 (...)

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Fröbel grave, Fröbels rest and Fröbel room the community centre

On 24th June 1852 Friedrich Fröbel was laid to rest on the cemetery of Schweina. On his gravestone, made of a cube, cylinder and ball, it reads the (...)

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