Priory Zella/peasant’s pulpit

In the beautiful Werra valley – right behind the village Frankenroda with its half-timbered houses on the Luther Trail – the guesthouse and horseriding-centre Probstei Zella is located. Already in the 8th century a hermit is said to have founded a little monastery (a Zella) in this place between the high rock cliffs and the peacefully meandering Werra. Right up to the 18th century a monastic community lived and worked here.

During the Reformation – legend has it – Thomas Müntzer preached not far from the priory. Under his leadership the "vereinigte Haufen" (“united crowd“) passed Zella. From a limestone cliff, projecting like a pulpit, Müntzer is said to have called the peasants for fight. In 1998 the inn "Probstei Zella" was opened.

Opening hours:

April to October daily from 11.30 a.m.
During the months of winter the restaurant remains closed.


Landgasthof Probstei Zella
Familie Groß
99826 Frankenroda
Telephone: 036924 - 41976