Bauernkriegsspektakel (Peasants’ War spectacle)

Year after year Mühlhausen invites to a time travel of the special kind: the “Bauernkriegsspektakel“. The colourful medieval festival commemorates Thomas Müntzer and attracts with a historical market, music, jugglery and demonstrations of knight fights. Highlight of the spectacle is the thrilling scenes of the popular theatre. After all, the history around Müntzer in Mühlhausen offers lots of historical material for a drama full of battles and political intrigues. The ambience of city wall, Inner Frauentor (woman’s gate) and the little Blobach serves as an authentic backdrop. The amateur actors, performing with wit and ingenuity, put the events around Thomas Müntzer and the fighting peasants into true-life shape.


Ratsstr. 19
99974 Mühlhausen
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