Bauernkriegsmuseum (Peasants’ War museum) Kornmarktkirche

The monastery church St. Crucis in the Kornmarkt was originally a mendicant order church. After a profound renovation it was reconstructed into a museum in 1975. Since then, in the hall-like interior there has been an exhibition that informs about the course, the most crucial points and the aftermath of the German Peasants’ War.

In 1524 the theologian and revolutionist Thomas Müntzer came to Mühlhausen. After failing to change the balance of power in the Imperial and Hanse city, he had to leave the city for a start. In February of the following year he returned and preached in St. Marien church. After the defeat of the rebels in the battle of Frankenhausen, Müntzer was arrested, tortured and executed at the gates of Mühlhausen.

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Bauernkriegsmuseum Kornmarktkirche
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