It is presumed that the construction of the Nicolaikirche Creuzburg commenced around 1210. In 1428 the church tower was erected as the city tower on the south-west side. Only the magnificent Roman apse still reminds of its importance as a landgrave church. Burnt down and built up again in different centuries, it was completely destroyed on 1st April 1945. With its reconstruction, which was only started in 1968, the architects wanted to move the apse right into the centre, while the church nave should be discreetly retracted. Today, the Nicolaikirche is an impressive church hall with a great liturgical charisma. An exhibition documents the mural paintings in the Liboriuskapelle.

Opening hours:

The Nicolaikirche is open daily throughout the year.


Kirchgemeinde Creuzburg
Susanne-Maria Breustedt
Klosterstraße 12
99831 Creuzburg
Telephone: 036926 - 82459