view of the historic centre
View of the historic centre

Mühlhausen is widely known as the city of towers, gates and churches. It was the 59 towers of its churches and city walls which gave this place the name "Mulhusia turrita" – the tower-adorned Mühlhausen. In the Middle Ages, Mühlhausen was regarded as the most important city of Thuringia, right after Erfurt. The architectural diversity and the whole city complex with the preserved and accessible city wall are signs of the economic and cultural importance of the former Imperial and Hanse city. In the Peasants’ War, Mühlhausen was the meeting point of the rebels. The Reformer Thomas Müntzer preached in the five-naved Marienkirche. Moreover, Mühlhausen is considered to be a centre of evangelic church music. The three-naved hall church, Divii Blasii, was Johann Sebastian Bach’s work place. The city refurbishment of the past years gives the old town a new splendour.



Bauernkriegsmuseum (Peasants’ War museum) Kornmarktkirche

The monastery church St. Crucis in the Kornmarkt was originally a mendicant order church. After a profound renovation it was reconstructed into a museum (...)

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Bauernkriegsspektakel (Peasants’ War spectacle)

Year after year Mühlhausen invites to a time travel of the special kind: the “Bauernkriegsspektakel“. The colourful medieval festival commemorates (...)

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Thomas-Müntzer-memorial St. Marien

Whatever stage of the cultural and city history of Mühlhausen you look at, St. Marien - second-largest hall church of Thuringia after the Erfurt cathedral (...)

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