Lutherdenkmal, Lutherbuche und Lutherborn im Glasbachgrund (Luther monument, Luther beech and Luther fountain in Glasbachgrund)

When Martin Luther jolted in his cart through the forest on his way back from the Reichstag in Worms in the afternoon of 4th May 1521, horsemen suddenly galloped towards him. They grabbed the completely surprised Luther, put him on a horse, and vanished in the direction of Eisenach. In the evening of the same day, Luther arrived at the Wartburg, the place of his sham abduction, organised by the elector Friedrich der Weise.

The place in which Martin Luther was apprehended by the representatives of the elector was determined probably years after the deed. A fountain, standing out at the roadway by a distinctive beech served guidance purposes. Henceforth, local history has passed on these two as “Lutherborn“ and  “Lutherbuche“. Only some minutes’ drive from Steinbach, this place is nowadays additionally marked by a ten-metres high obelisk that Duke Bernard II. of Saxony-Meinigen had erected in 1857.

You will find the way to the monument not far from the L 1027, coming from Steinbach in direction Ruhla, where behind a bend there is a relative signpost on the right side.