Lutherbrunnen (Luther well)

It happened in the year 1537: Martin Luther had to leave a monastery in Schmalkalden because he was tortured by the pains caused by a kidney disease, and he thought he was close to death. In Tambach he took up quarters in the Geleitshof (escort inn) – the place is marked by the “Lutherstein” (Luther stone), today. An administered footbath or, more likely, the jolting ride along the Rennsteig caused the Reformer alleviation from his suffering at night. Legend has it, however, that the consumption of pure water from the „Lutherbrunnen“ in Tammichgrund was the reason for Martin Luther’s healing. The fountain obtained its name only on 31st October 1717 in celebration of the Reformation anniversary, but until today the locals place great confidence in the healing effect and the good taste of the water.