Luther square with Luther church, monument and Luther’s ancestral home

In the 16th century the family Luder owned as many as five farms in Möhra, and was one of the old-established peasant families. Also in the neighbouring villages the Luders were so widespread that Martin Luther, as he visited the region later on, had the impression that his family ”had conquered almost the whole region“.  In today’s Lutherplatz you can find the ancestral home of the family. It is said that Luther’s father, Hans Luder, was born here. Even though Luther’s parents finally emigrated to the Mansfeld region and he was born a miner’s son, he did not conceal his peasant origin: "I confess that I am a peasant’s son from Möhra near Eisenach."

On his way back from the Reichstag in Worms he visited Möhra on 3rd and 4th May 1521.

Legend has it that he delivered a moving sermon in the village square. The little chapel that was then situated on the church hill was extended but in the 16th century and later completed to be today’s Luther church.

Compelled by fairy tale and legend collector Ludwig Bechstein, the Luther monument was solemnly inaugurated in the church square in 1861. In the panels of the socle important events from Luther’s life are depicted: the posting of his theses, the abduction, and his abidance in the Wartburg.

Opening hours Lutherkirche:

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Minister Norbert Endter
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