Welcome to Luther-Region


For more than a thousand years the Wartburg has sat enthroned on a rock above Eisenach. Its most famous guest and ward was Martin Luther, who translated the New Testament into German in 1521. Following the view over the battlements of the castle, the eye finds a densely wooded and rolling countryside. The Nationalpark Hainich, the western Thuringian Forest and the wide countryside of the Rhoen frame the scenery. Placidly, the Werra winds through the landscape. Romantic castles, colourful timber-framing villages and cities with picturesque old-town alleys invite you to reconnaissances.

The region is closely connected with Martin Luther: His family originates in Möhra, he went to school in Eisenach, he was “abducted” near Steinbach 20 years later, and was hidden in the Wartburg as „Junker Jörg“. His opponent Thomas Müntzer worked in Mühlhausen, and in Schmalkalden Luther propounded a unique Creed with the „Schmalkaldic Articles“. As a well-travelled man he left his mark in many places in the region.