Fröbel grave, Fröbels rest and Fröbel room the community centre

On 24th June 1852 Friedrich Fröbel was laid to rest on the cemetery of Schweina. On his gravestone, made of a cube, cylinder and ball, it reads the motto: "Come and let our children live!"

The observation point Fröbelsruh was Friedrich Fröbel’s favourit place. It is located near the entrance to Schweina, coming from Barchfeld (L1027).

Fröbel sought peace of mind and distraction in this place. Since 1997 the monument (cube, cylinder and ball) has stood here again.

The Fröbelzimmer in the community centre of Schweina shows in a little exhibition life and work of the great educationalist. A visit is possible after an appointment with the municipal administration of Schweina.


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