Baroque church with mountain cemetery

The extraordinarily glorious Baroque church of Steinbach was built from 1733 on. Although the villagers were impoverished by a big village fire that year, they immediately set about replacing the tabernacle destroyed in the fire by a new one.

The Steinbach church is a uniform construction of conspicuous size. The church hall was richly ornamented and brilliantly painted. Mind you, the formerly poor mountain villagers used some gimmicks, true to the motto „make marble from wood“, in order to create the impression of wealth in this way. On the west gallery there is a large, magnificent Baroque organ from 1745, preserved until today as an almost unadulterated instrument that is now waiting for a restoration.

The bells of the church are located on the mountain cemetery in a wooden bell house. This cemetery is said to be one of the steepest in Germany, and is of a special beauty. It has landmark status.

Church service:

Sundays 10 a.m.


Barockkirche Steinbach
Clergyperson Elisabeth Eschweiler
36448 Steinbach

Telephone: 036961 - 72530