Augustinerkloster and Myconius-Haus

The Augustinerkloster (Augustinian monastery) Gotha is the oldest house of Augustinian friars in Thuringia and looks back on a turbulent history of 750 years. Martin Luther remained here several times. As a district vicar of 10 (later 11) monasteries of the Augustinians in Saxony and Thuringia he first came to Gotha for a visitation of the Augustinerkloster in 1515. Luther often used Gotha as a station during his travels and often preached in the monastery church. In 1537 he came from the Schmalkalden council to the residential city, and was seriously ill. Suffering from a renal colic, he was confined to bed in the Löwenburg, which was associated with the monastery. Löwenburg was the home of the Gotha reformer and theologian Myconius. Considering himself close to death, Luther drafted his first testament. In it he wrote: “I wish to be buried in Gotha.”

Since 2009 the monastery has been a meeting centre of the Protestant church. It is open to pilgrims and visitors from far and wide.


Clergypersons Dr. Esther-Maria Wedler und Margarita v. Rümker
Jüdenstr. 27
99867 Gotha
Telephone: 03621 - 302910