The Husenkirche (Husen church) was the first parish church of today’s city Bad Salzungen.  People say that Martin Luther’s parents, Hans Luder and Margarethe Lindemann, got married in the Husenkirche and were blessed in this church. Set up by the monastery Hersfeld already in the 8th century as the presumably first Christian place of worship in the Salzunger Mark (field), the Husenkirche was dedicated to the holy Georg. When the village of Salzungen, hardly 500 meters from the Husenkirche, became the main settlement of the valley and later the city, the Husenkirche lost its importance.

Today, only the foundations of the church’s upwardly extending brickwork, which was severely damaged towards the end of the war, is left as a ruin.
The Husenkirche is situated in the eastern part of the city cemetery at Leimbacher Straße.