The Georgenkirche is the largest and probably also the best known church of Eisenach. It is located on the south side of the market place. Built in 1180 by Landgrave Ludwig III. , this is the place in which the future Holy Elisabeth was married in 1221. Martin Luther sang here as a schoolboy. During the time of Reformation Luther finally preached in the Georgenkirche, several times. Thus, it became one of the oldest Protestant tabernacles ever.

The Georgenkirche is closely linked with the name of Bach. From 1665 until 1797 the Bach’s family members worked as organists. On 23rd March 1685, Johann Sebastian Bach was baptised in the Georgenkirche. After several reconstructions of the church, the high church tower was inaugurated only in 1902. Previously, the bells were located by the old city wall. Since 1921 the Protestant regional bishops of Thuringia have been inducted in the Georgenkirche.

Church service:

On Sundays 10 a.m.


Minister Stephan Köhler
Pfarrberg 6
99817 Eisenach
Telephone: 03691 - 732620