Guided tours with the “Lutherfinders“

„Lutherfinders“ are certified tour guides, educated by Evangelische Erwachsenenbildung Thüringen (protestant adult education Thuringia), who want to accompany you finding Luther’s traces in our region. They will explain the relationship between history and theology and lead you to places and relics of the reformation. This will take place in manifold ways.


A chatty woman in Luther’s “dear town”

Johanna, maid in the Cotta house will tell you entertainingly about religious masters and docile Latin students, clerics, monks and little nuns, riotous crowds of farmers, the new teachings of Dr Martinius Luther and many an odd custom at Isenach in the year of our Lord 1525.


“Martin Luther – Latin student and squire Jörg”

In this thematic round tour you will learn something about little Martinius in the time around 1500, how he had to earn his money as a busker, and 20 years later - when he made world history.


Sightseeing tour in the tracks of Martin Luther

During this thematic round-trip you will live to see the little Latin student Martin Luther around 1500 at the Cott­as’ home. Follow the tracks of the Lu­ther family to Möhra, the family home of the Luthers with the Luther church. We will walk on to the original scene of the apparent assault in the Luther val­ley from where Martin Luther came to the Wartburg to live as the squire Jörg for 300 days.


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