Winkelkirche St. Concordia

As one of the few angle churches in Germany, St. Concordia fascinates with its special architectural design. Like a swallow’s nest it was erected on a steep mountain slope in 1661, provided with two wing-like church naves. The low tower was designed inside as a sanctuary and separated by arches from the completely identically designed naves. The parish used the church separated by gender: The southern hall was called woman’s church, the western one was called man’s church. The name Concordia (lat. „unity“) was supposed to foster the unity of the town Ruhla, as Ruhla was split up in three totally independent parts.
St. Concordia is nowadays a lively place of religion. Under the shared slogan “Kultur im Winkel“ (culture in the angle) concerts, lectures and cabarets take place all throughout the year.

Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchgemeinde
Minister: Gerhard Reuther
Carl-Gareis-Straße 1
D-99842 Ruhla/Thür.
Telephone: 03 69 29 / 6 21 37